Exotic Vacations you will Cherish for a Lifetime!

The Italian saying “Dolce Far Niente” meaning, the sweet pleasures of doing nothing holds true for this destination.

Home to a legion of Greek Gods, the Greek beaches are a class apart. Crystal blue waters and soft sandy beaches with astounding views await your attention. Soak in those sublime sunsets sipping on champagne at Oia or party the night away on the beaches or better still go treasure hunting finding shipwrecks with your loved one.

Explore the Greek Islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Skiathos and sooo many more. Find your Bollywood moment here, dancing to the numerous songs shot in these locales. (more…)

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Group Trips for Singles

Coping With Jet Lag and Sleepiness

We all love to travel, to see new places, make new memories, refresh and rejuvenate ourselves. However, flight fatigue or jet lag that results from travelling across time zones can disturb our internal body clock and cause fatigue, anxiety, headaches, sweating, irritability, coordination problems dizziness, memory loss and insomnia. This can ruin a well-planned travel itinerary and put your family and friends at a disadvantage too. (more…)

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